PerformancePoint 2007 - Text Search Filter

The text search filter allows you to search and find results based on simple text input.   
This is the only filter for PerformancePoint 2007 that allows for URL Parameterization. 
PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Key

To obtain an installation key for either the "30-day Free Trial" or to "Purchase the Commercial Product", please read the information below. An email response from us will contain the information needed to securely download the product, installation instructions, and how-to guide. An installation key will then be generated and emailed to you separately (after we validate your free trial or receive confirmation of your payment).

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Text Search Filter - Pricing
Pricing for the Commercial version of the Text Search Filter is $995 per web server (PerformancePoint 
and SharePoint). Discounts may apply based on the number of server licenses purchased.

30-day Free Trial / Commercial Product Installation Key
PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Key
Both the "30-day Free Trial" and the "Commercial Version of the Product" require a unique installation key. To obtain the installation key, please fill out the Request Installation Key Form and include the following information in the Message area.  We will respond to your request typically within one 
business day.

The 30-day Free Trial installation key will be good for a trial period of 30 days. After that period, you will need to purchase the commercial product or uninstall the component.