SSRS Unformatted Export

SQL Server Reporting Services - Excel Unformatted Export

The custom Excel Unformatted Export excludes the "Report Header" and grouping level information.  If you have a grouped report and you just want the data, this tool is for you. 
SSRS Excel Unformatted Export - Quote

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Feature List
  • Produces minimally formatted Excel workbooks from nearly any SSRS report
  • Just get the data without formatting in Excel
  • Parameter selections included
  • Simple select of a new "export" type
  • Report Headers are Excluded
  • Functionality like grouping is removed
  • Specify use on specific reports
  • Secondary "hidden" table could be used for even more custom export features
  • Allows for a combination of both primary and secondary tables for export
  • Direct table export renders the visible tables of SSRS directly to worksheets in Excel
  • Hidden table export allows for additional data to be exported to Excel
  • Groups flattened to columns
  • Subtotal and total row eliminated
  • Data is “Pivot-table ready” when exported to Excel

Exception List

    • Charts/graphs not exported to Excel
    • Tablix Support (SSRS 2008)