PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Features

PerformancePoint 2007 - Text Search Filter

The text search filter allows you to search and find results based on simple text input.

This is the only filter for PerformancePoint 2007 that allows for URL Parameterization.

For a more complete description of the Features, see the Tutorial page.

PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Purchase
PerformancePoint Text Search Filter
PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Features
PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Tutorial
PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Requirements
PerformancePoint Text Search Filter - Purchase

Text Search Filter - Features

End User

    • Full or partial search string

    • Selectable search field selection (one or multiple)

    • Selectable search criteria (contains, begins with, equal to, not equal to)

    • Sortable Results

    • Multi-Page Results

    • Pinable Window

    • Results window skipped if exact match found

    • Ability to search for numbers and letters only (can exclude special characters if needed)

URL Parameterization

    • Parameterized url - link to / from other applications that can create a dynamic url

    • Allows direct search results based on the passed parameter

Setup - Filter Configuration

    • Behaves like other filters (ie: Member Selection)

    • Search Value - Search on Specific Attributes - Allows user to enter text and get a list of results

    • Search Letters and Numbers Only

    • Up to two "sort by" fields

    • Search multiple attributes

    • Displays multiple attributes

    • Search and Display attributes can be different

    • Configurable Attribute Display order

    • Validates Filter Query

    • Supports MDX Filter Script

    • Preview of MDX Query Results

    • Named URL Query Stings - can have multiple filters on a page with shared or different names

    • Select Specific Dimension Member - Skips user search and search results (very fast)

    • Search Type can be "contains", "Starts with", <, >

    • Returns a default value if the query string is blank (user definable - ie: "All")