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SQL Server Reporting Services - Excel Unformatted Export

SSRS Unformatted Export

The custom Excel Unformatted Export excludes the "Report Header" and grouping level information.  If you have a grouped report and you just want the data, this tool is for you. 

SSRS Excel Unformatted Export - Quote
SSRS Excel Unformatted Export
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SSRS Excel Unformatted Export - Quote

Request Quote Information

We are offering the SQL Server 2005 version of the Excel Unformatted Export for $750 per SSRS server to interested parties. The SQL Server 2008 version does work with some limited reporting scenarios. Discounts may apply based on the number of SSRS servers that you would install the component on.

The current version of the Excel Unformatted Export is not a commercial product. Originally, the product was developed for clients that used our consulting services. We have made updates to it over the past three years to meet their requirements. We have been considering producing a commercial version, and have been trying to determine if there is a viable market for the product. At this point, it will be a minimal effort to commercialize the product for SQL Server 2005. We have a lot more work to do for what we would consider acceptable SQL Server 2008 support, due to the complexities introduced by the Tablix control. We do have a SQL Server 2008 version working at some client locations. It handles many, but not all possible report layout scenarios. We would be interested in knowing the specifics of your needs so that we can determine if this solution is a good fit.

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